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To turn into a super hero. Literally!

Similar to glorify.But not the same.

Think of someone or something as of having superhero like quality/ies.

To believe or make believe of having superhero like qualities,properties and values.

To exaggerate of having superhero like qualities,properties and values.
To react spontaneously like a superhero.

To act courageously and spontaneously like a super hero.
Marry Jane was stuck as a hostage along with peter parker,He was lucky enough to be in a corner away from the terrorists.Within a fraction of seconds he superherofies and snatch their weapons with his spider web.

Hal Jordan has the most amazing way to superherofy into green lantern!

They superherofy the story.

For a moment i was superherofied but then i realized i was outnumbered!

Now a days media around the world superherofies every small story!

Dont you dare superherofy your fake fights!
by Khumaer Bayas (Kay N Bee) July 03, 2014
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