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a party where kids steal prescription pills from the medicine cabinet, place them in a 'bowl' and take turns picking out the goodies. (top pills looked for: Zanax, oxycontin, percocets, T3, demerol) Can be quite dangerous depending on the mixture of pills brought to the party.
Went to a wild superbowl party last night....I got blitzed. (ha ha)
by K. Macdonald October 17, 2007

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A party the host originally intended for the viewing of the big game that quickly degrades into an evening of depraved man-sex on the host's couch and bed, continuing long after said host has gone to sleep.
A: Hey, man. Some of us were going to the bar later to watch the game and grab some beers. You in?

B: I would, but I just got an invite to C's place for a superbowl party.

A: Nice! Mind if I come too?

B: Sure! C shouldn't mind. ...Don't forget your lube!
by JK12_ February 23, 2010