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A party the host originally intended for the viewing of the big game that quickly degrades into an evening of depraved man-sex on the host's couch and bed, continuing long after said host has gone to sleep.
A: Hey, man. Some of us were going to the bar later to watch the game and grab some beers. You in?

B: I would, but I just got an invite to C's place for a superbowl party.

A: Nice! Mind if I come too?

B: Sure! C shouldn't mind. ...Don't forget your lube!
by JK12_ February 23, 2010
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An annual tradition that includes lots of food, fun, friends, football, fommercials and, of course, Alex's cheesy invites that everyone finds absolutely hilarious and then later gushes over his clever wit (or no chips). For the uninitiated this is is a fairly laid back affair. You don't have to be a diehard football fan (or a fan at all) to enjoy it. Half the people there seem to care more about the commercials than the game anyhow.
Invitee - A Superbowl Party? Who is invited to this?

Alex - You. Your friend, your spouse, your neighbor, your dog, your kid, your kid's brother, your significant other, your insignificant other (don't worry, I won't tell), and anyone else who might enjoy the greatest Super Bowl tradition since hats you can drink beer out of
by KPalicz January 11, 2015
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a party where kids steal prescription pills from the medicine cabinet, place them in a 'bowl' and take turns picking out the goodies. (top pills looked for: Zanax, oxycontin, percocets, T3, demerol) Can be quite dangerous depending on the mixture of pills brought to the party.
Went to a wild superbowl party last night....I got blitzed. (ha ha)
by K. Macdonald October 17, 2007
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