1) a stronger version of sonic
2) faster than the speed of sound
3) very loud
1- i play sega games. super sonic ftw!
2- during the cold war, supersonic jets were produced by the united states and soviet union
3-"i can't hear you!"
by 005david August 18, 2007
the act of throwing up and pooping at the same time. often occurs when one is very sick. it is not uncommon for the person to be unaware that they pooped themselves until they have finished puking.
Where were you yesterday?

Sick. I went supersonic.

That's rough, bro.
by kennyBlankenship June 07, 2010
To vaginal fuck moving your penis all the way in and all the way out as fast as you can
Guy 1:I super sonicced my gf last night
Guy 2:Good on ya mate
by YoutubeWest1132 July 24, 2010
In Sonic the hedgehog 2, Sonic can become "Super" by collecting 7 chaos emeralds while holding 50 rings and pushing "Jump" twice. He becomes an invincible golden hedgehog that can run super fast and jump incredible hights, not to mention he can run accross water at will. And as he was created before dragonball z, i doubt sega ripped them off, more likely it was the other way around.
Yeah, i got the seven chaos emeralds by the fourth level, and owned Dr.Robotnik (Who's name was changed to eggman because robotnik sounded to russion or somthing) through the rest of the game using Super Sonic.
by Hostile Mushroom August 17, 2005
noun. Band developed in the early nineties and best known for their song "f.n.i", or "facinating new thing".
"I'm surprised that you've never been told before that you're lovely, and you're perfect, and that somebody wants you!"
by RogueRising August 13, 2003
Sonic + 7 emeralds = Super Sonic, Created in 1991, way before Dragon Ball Z
collect 50 rings and you become Super Sonic
by Me December 19, 2004

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