The Super Punch is attained only when the following conditions are met in the following order.
1)Take a dump on your hand
2)Go to Wendy's
3)Let it fester for three days
4)Fist a girl
5)Super punch initiated once steps 1-4 are done and you punch the mother of the girl in number 4 in the face.
I was at a party making fun of all the lame drawn out definitions on Urban. Someone disagreed with me, so I SUPER PUNCHED her.
by AK Gangstar December 25, 2007
Top Definition
Grapping a sheep by the balls and punching him to get more wool on minecraft.
Invented by youtuber MrCrainer
by OhMehDamn July 12, 2011
Long time rival of NinjaKick. Punches over buses and chases the Spam Mobile.
Superpunch and NinjaKick were fighting on the Spam Mobile when SuperPunch punched it over.
by Jai Blair November 29, 2003
One crazy ass mofo foo' who shut yo mouth.
Hey look it's superpunch, he's fighting ninjakick and fucking yo shut yo mouth.
by ChronoNuriko November 29, 2003
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