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Another way of saying that you are really serious. Can be translated into "super serious". Originated from the South Park episode with ManBearPig.
Guys! I'm super cereal right now!

Guy 1: Did you hear the dude got shot? I'm super cereal!
by DucNukem January 15, 2008
Another way of saying "extremely serious", Serious=Cereal.
Originates from the recent "ManBearPig" episode of South Park.
"Guys! I'm super cereal right now! ManBearPig is a major threat!"- Al Gore
by TFE August 07, 2006
Is a term that is commonly associated with being "extremely serious" or "super serious".
Also can be correlated with being inebriated. (see example)
"He's had some drinks." "Are you serious?" the inebriated: "I'm super cereal!"
by Cycron February 09, 2009
A really, really cool, strong, or evil bowl of honey-bunches-of-oats. It usually has at least one superpower and generally has a cape. Yair can be considered a supercereal.
"It's a bird, its a plane, no, it's one of those supercereals!!!!"

Katsof is definitely not a supercereal.

My dog was stuck in a cave full of spoons when suddenly, a supercereal saved it.
by evilp0ptart March 13, 2009
you are so serious that you would bet a bowl of cereal with 1% milk
Often associated with manbearpig
Manbearpig is real. I'm super cereal.
by bjkal April 19, 2008