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1: Proper Noun- A small chain of Mexican Taqueria Restaurants around San Jose and Morgan Hill that serve what the locals consider to be better than Taco Bell.

2: Noun- (Slang) A Mexican woman living in America, but talks to English speaking Americans in Spanish, expecting to be understood. Quite common within grocery stores.
Example 1:
Boy: "Hey, babe. You hungry? I feel like getting Mexican food."
Girl: "Gawd, YES! Let's get some Super Taqueria."
Boy: "Fer sure, cause Taco Bell gives me Super Diarrhea..."

Example 2:
Mexican Lady: "¡Hola! (rambles in Spanish)"
Meat Clerk: "You want Carne Asada?"
Mexican Lady: "Ehh... sí."
Butcher: "Great, more carne asada for another super taqueria."
by Matt Dokter December 08, 2010

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