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One who is tall and obese usually of Guyanese decent characterized by the need to be a metrosexual by going to the gym while on the Atkins diet that he cannot stay on for more than a week. Often described as doofy looking, extremely unintelligent, oblivious, and a virgin whose only goal in life is to attain total happiness by engaging in sexual intercourse with an extremely attractive woman. More often than not can be found sitting at home online almost every hour of the day while watching television contemplating whether to talk to a woman online that he had bought $70 dollar shoes for that has no interest in him and is only using him for the sole purpose of money and making CDs.
Mike says, "Just wait till I'm Super Pimp, then I'll be able to fuck 100 girls or more in a year."
by chinkbag March 02, 2005
The coolest, most fly pimp of them all!
Jeff Marjama is a Super Pimp!
by Jeff Marjama June 30, 2003
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