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The act of getting really fucking pissed off and breaking your dad's $1500 dollar 42 inch 1080p TV after failing a level for the 9001st time.
I broke my dad's $1500 42 inch 1080p TV after failing a level for the 9003st time.

fuck Super Mario galaxy 2 :(
by Douchebag82 May 15, 2011
The squeal to Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is MUCH better than the first because they added Yoshi (yay) and Yoshi power-ups. There's a "Fat Albert ass load" of really awesome/challenging levels/bonuses. (The first game was hardly challenging at all.)

For everyone who pwned Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and thinks they do it in Super Mario Galaxy 2... Bowser is harder, so expect to lose a few lives. The final galaxy (Bowser's Galaxy Generator) is a great challenge, too.

HINTS: 1--Secret Mushroom: When you start Bowser's Galaxy Generator, you will see a path that goes to the left. Climb up the pole at the end of the path and you will see a the red mushroom with the yellow star. (Increases your life to 6.)
2--Super Ground Pound: Jump, spin, and while spinning, do a ground pound.
Kid1: Hey, dude! guess what?
Kid2: What?
Kid1: There's a new Mario game coming out soon!
Kid2: OMG! What's it called?!?!
Kid1: Super Mario Galaxy 2!!!
Kid2: OMG HOLY SHIT ROFL OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kid1 & Kid2: *goes so crazy their heads explode*
by LilJ1996 November 07, 2010
if you don't plan on getting this game, i recomend suicide. i got mario galaxy 1 earlier this year, and beat the game in 4 days. i've almost got all the power stars, however mario galaxy 2 offers much more of a challenge. so please, fucking do the world a favor and get the game!
guy1:"hey, are you gonna get super mario galaxy 2?"
guy 2:"no, mario is for assholes."
guy1: "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" *goes into fit of rage* *shoots him*
by A7X forever May 31, 2010