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A lesser known term for Super Mario Sunshine. As Super Mario 64 was hosted on a 64-bit machine, it made sense to call Super Mario Sunshine Super Mario 128 because:
1 - You collect red coins.
2 - You're collecting some form of star (shines).
3 - You need certain amounts of shines (stars) to activate particular events. (They just don;t tell you how many.)
4 - You can get 100 coin shines.
5 - Its run on Gamecube, a 128-bit machine.
Kenn: I don't think there is seriously anything better than Super Mario 64.

Andy: Like Super Mario 128? The number after is doubled! ;D

Kenn: Oh shut up about that dumb glitchy Super Mario Sunshine, you dimwit. It'll never be what Super Mario 64 has become.
by KiChan January 30, 2010
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