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Someone who is a dork and a loser to the most extreme of which it is obtainable. Or a super nerd that is just on a whole new level of nerdy, loserdom.

Anyone that doens't know what a vagina is.

Someone who doens't like girls in general.

A female that doesn't like to put out, I mean come on bitch you got a vagina for a reason. No reason not to hide it... come on...

You're mother when she is yelling at you to do something.,

Everyone in highschool.
Wow!, my boss is a super dork Loser.

James Puglisi(A person that went to jefferson township,973)

Why is there so many super dork losers here at best buy?
- Why is there so many super dork losers here at game stop?
Must be a new game coming out.

Friend- Hey I'm going home to do some gaming you want to come!?!?!?!

You- Fuck off you super dork loser I'm getting pussy.
#superdorkloser #nerds #nerdcore #lame #really
by Mele 973 New Jersey. November 08, 2010
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