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The act of taking a sheep (in minecraft) by the balls, and punching the sheep so hard, it yields 3 wool.

A technique discovered by the great Mr Crainer , Supah Punching a sheep is the most efficient way of getting wool from a sheep (in minecraft)

But, all good things have to come to an end.

In the 1.7.2 update of Minecraft, punching a sheep for its wool was deleted.

For more about this event, and how it was coped with, see Supah Shear
Prior to the 1.7.2 update:

Mr Crainer: SUPAH PUNCH!
*sheep yields 3 wool*
Mr Crainer: See, it works every time.

After the 1.7.2 update:

Mr Crainer: SUPAH PUNCH!
*sheep yields no wool*
Mr Crainer: WTF??

*reads about update*
*crafts shears*

Mr Crainer: SUPAH SHEAR!!
*sheep yields 4 wool*
Mr Crainer: WOOT!!!
by A Crazie July 07, 2011
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