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nickname for Sunny Delight
Lets see, we got some soda, some purple stuff, oh hell yeah Sunny D!
by yonskii July 11, 2009
a "tangy original florida style" drink that mean "sunny Delight
I love drinking SunnyD with my breakfast
by tommis jones March 23, 2005
Street name for a drug that is often found in either a peach/orange powder or small pill. consumption of this drug will likely result in extreme highs and occasional hallucinations
Tim: Yo mark I snorted a line of the sunny d at that party last night and i swear i saw butterflies coming out of your nose
Mark: man that is crazy haha i heard Julie did a line too and next thing we knew she was naked on a swing lol
by lababe224 December 14, 2013
The act of having sex with your best mates ex girlfriend then puking all over her face.
Dean: Damn, Connah sunnyd'd Jordan hard last night

Connah: stfu Dean, you sunnyd'd Lauren last week
by Slugz148 November 25, 2009
sucks; A pejorative reference to the god-awful orange-like drink sold in stores nationwide.
Man, the way she broke up with you at the concert really "sunny-d'ed"!
by BC Lee October 13, 2005
A young, vibrant, (delightful), perfect, gorgeous girl, who's name is frequently confused for the continually promoted beverage.
I feel like some Sunny D... the girl, not the beverage.
Sunny D really is delightful.
by justforkiks March 21, 2008
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