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A nice person who is cute and smart and very pretty. She is a talented singer that can play piano and sing very well. she is considerate to others and does really well in school. she is valued by her teachers. She tells really funny jokes and gives good advice. That person really likes Harry Potter and the House of Night series. She loves reading and watching funny videos on youtube even though her parents sometimes don't like it. Don't pass by her because if you do, you won't have a nice life without meaning her.
wow, That girl is soo cool. she is a Sunayna.
by Sunpro231 February 06, 2012
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A swot, somebody who is disappointed by 99.9% in an exam. Gets A * in everything. Fancies herself, loves to associate with swots... does after school sessions to improve their grades which are good anyway
Ooh you got an A*, you're having a sunayna moment
by omar kellali October 03, 2006

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