A form of severe sun burn
Doug says, "hey dude, you're REALLY red."

"Yeah dude, I TOTALLY got sun fucked," Kirk replies.
by Doug H and Kirk L April 08, 2006
Top Definition
The condition formerly known as sun burn. Soon all kids will be using it, and it just makes alot more sense, seeing as how the sun pretty much FUCKS your face if you expose it long enough...
Gunther: Dude, I was at the beach ALL day yesterday.

Cletus: Dang dude! Your face was totally Sun-Fucked!

Gunther: Aww nuts.
by Doug and Kirk March 12, 2006
to get burned in such a severe way people feel that the sun might of actually kicked your ass
Red guy: "I fell asleep on the beach and now my skin hurts really bad"

Normal guy: "Yeah bro you totally got Sun Fucked"
by Jay Rip March 29, 2009
Being REALLY sunburned.

Ussualy happens to pale people who try to tan and fail misserably. Or people who forget to use sunscreen.

Doesnt neccesarily have to include peeling but it still hurts like hell.
Man I had a great day and the beach with all those chicks, but my back got COMPLETELY sunfucked
by its_boobookittyfuck March 16, 2009
Instead of being sun kissed, you're tan as fuck and looked as if the sun pounded your skin like a wild dog.
Skylar: "Jesus Christ! This makeup makes me look sunfucked!"
Rue: "Eh, you're too dark to be sun kissed.."
She was so dark, she looked sun fucked.
by Furfag March 14, 2015
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