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A small town in Florida full of drama, pot heads *I know I am one of them* and crackheads. Basically hell.
Person moving to Florida: "I'm looking to find a nice town to move to in Florida. One with not alot of drugs and crime, one that's peaceful and not full of idiots, could you help me?"

Florida Real Estate Agent: "Well, don't move to Summerfield then!"
by Motha Herb July 27, 2008
A lovely little town near Greensboro, NC where the most beautiful girls on the world live
John: Have you been to summerfield?

Jake: YEAH, The girls are gorgeous!
by Jayzeeeee January 02, 2013
a small town close to Greensboro NC where there is nothing to do except skateboard and destroy things and ride drtbikes and fourwheelers on the streets b/c cops r never there. haha jds dad is neutered
dude summerfield is so lame im gona move to high point or greensboro. no dude lets go burn haybails in that big field on highway 158 and put big dead trees in the middle on the road so semi trucks hit them at 3AM. ok then we can skateboard on Tee Rd and smoke weed and watch as jds dad gets neutered
by blakeheelflip February 21, 2012
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