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A term used for a very attractive and sexy black female. Especially if she has a pretty face, is young, and dresses to accentuate her hot body e.g. small flat waist, plump butt, perky breasts. Summer Bunny is opposite of snow bunny which is a term coined for a similarly sexy white woman.

Guy 1: Dayum homes, that summer bunny is rockin' them daisies.
Guy 2: Man you trippin. I tried that last week; she ain't givin it up!

Lyrics from R Kelly's song Summer Bunnies (1994):

Girl, you know you knock me out
You're a real girl with your looks now baby
Girl you know you knock me out
Summer bunnies drive me crazy...
This party is packed, word to the mother
I love it when there's three bunnies to one brother
And wine coolers is what I'm packin'
And when I get my buzz on is when I start bunny-jackin'

Jackin' fools for their bunnies
'Cause I'm the K, the E, the double L, the Y...
by Texas Roni, the one and only April 30, 2007
Website that launched December 25, 2002 and features some of the hottest models that have ever donned a thong. Buffie the Body, Lyric and Khrysti Hill are in the numbers.
summer bunnies, urban models
by Dwyane Darden August 03, 2007
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