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Queen! A girl who is boss!
"kmttttt that girl is a Sultana!"
#queen #sultana #boss #bossy #queenie #king
by LaLaFriskyy May 08, 2010
In arabic it has different meaning but for me its "An angel of happiness,peace ,love and prayers."
My mom 's name is sultana,and after her death i realised that i am no more the same i used to be,and nothing will be the same again becouse my angel is no more here with me.
#love #peace #smiles #laughters #all the good thinga.
by Shaista April 01, 2007
an annoyingly addictive fruit kind of like a raisin but browner, smaller and more sugary. Is included in the breakfast cereal Sultana Bran
"Sophie, stop eating those sultanas."


"Sophie has, like, a bag of sultanas on her sultana bran every day"

"That was one time!"
#sultana bran #saultana #siltana #saltana #sultanas
by i love bj March 24, 2010
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