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A sexy man who smells like coffee and cigarettes. He isn't sure if he want to be an actor or a techie. Sometimes he'll wuss out on plans with you but he's still a good friend.
Sulaiman is my number 1 fantasy.
I wish Sulaiman would ask me out.
by Rainchecker22 March 03, 2011
Someone who is so caring and forgiving that he’ll ignore his own anger at someone he cares about just to make them happy. He’s a good friend, a sweet person, and a crazy lover. He has beautiful dark eyes with the thickest lashes anyone has ever seen, caramel tan skin, and big strong hands. His hugs are so warm and tight that sometimes it’s forgettable to know how important it is to breathe when someone is living in his hug. He can make someone smile and laugh like crazy and get them so emotional at the same time. He’s the best friend anyone could ever have.
I love Sulaiman.
by SyMafz June 15, 2016
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