When someones face turns red like the tip of a perons dick when they ejaculate.
Hey Rob look at that guys face, he's turning into a Sukhy.

I hate Larry he always looks like a sukhy.
by Bobby Rivers January 22, 2008
Top Definition
A Punjabi word for peaceful, and serene. the people with this name tend to drink a lot of red wine.
Dang, I am feelin Sukhy right now, how about a glass of wine?
by dizzylovesbubba February 18, 2011
an sweet... an u all luv her... n im bored... an i wnt u all 2 no hw special she is so wen u luk at this u'll kno ..:)
SuKhY...KaUr!!!<--- MoI
by sukhy January 04, 2004
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