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A sikh name. Meaning: someone who gives happiness or is often very cheerful themselves.
can be a girl or boy name. "sukhman"
by HPotterox February 06, 2013
warrior,smart,pretty,creative a girl who also has very bad temper and mood swings but at the end of the day things are alright
Girl: Hey Sukhman don't tell anyone but she's such a loser
Sukhman: I know, true dat
Next day
Girl: hey sukhman
Sukhman: screw you bitch i had enough of you.
Girl: WHAT THE ***K
Sukhman: ohh w.e im still your friend
by Emily22393 April 02, 2011
A Large, Ditzy Tamil Girl Usually Flirting With Lamposts.
Person 1 - "Urgh I think i just saw a Sukhman back there"
Person 2 - "Yeah, I thought so too, but there wasn't a lampost in sight"
Person 1 - "Ahh, true"
by American12 November 24, 2010
Used to describe a person that repeatedly says the same thing over and over
Girl: Ur ugly
Boy: You killed it..You killed it
Girl: Stop actin like a sukhman
by Rarr Cough Cough April 21, 2008
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