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doing somethin that is suicidel or risky for you or ur life.

spelt (su-ee)
right thats it im gonna do sui on COD4 with my shotgun.

Famous dog from "Crocodile Hunter". Helped out Steve around snakes and crocs. Died in 2004 of cancer.
Steve: My little dog, Sui, kept nipping Agro on the tail, so he'd spin around and try and kill her.."

Steve: "Sui is my best girl, she protected Bindi for 6 years, no one could touch her when Sui was guarding her."
by Keli W. September 29, 2006
Short for suicide, but doesn't only mean taking your own life.
1. killing yourself
2. to break, to stop
3. do badly
1. He pulled a sui last night. Gonna miss him.
2. Sorry, my internet sui'd it for a second.
3. I don't care anymore, I'm just gonna sui the test.
by faking suicide March 26, 2010
Acronym for sailing under the influence.
That Greek Orthodox Person (GOP) has her Facebook profile picture set to the one of her drinking on a boat. SUI much?
by ma1forlife_rapublicansunite December 05, 2009
'Scooting Under the Influence'

To be caught riding your scooter (a Macro scooter, if you will) whilst under the influence of alcohol. Scientific inquests have shown that enjoyment levels augment by at least 150% whilst scooting under the influence, whilst death rates rise accordingly.

The most famous recipient of an SUI is the ficticious John "J.D" Dorian, from Scrubs.
Lad 1: "Fellas, i got an SUI- sweet"
Lad 2: "Buy this guy a pint"
by MK tm 2009 June 13, 2009
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