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The way SpongeBob says "Salad" in an episode where he must work without a grill and is forced to make "Suh-lad". Because he has never heard of a Salad he pronounces it as "Suh-Lad"
"Mr. Crabs!, the special today will be Suh-lad!"
"Eye-Eye Captin Square Pants!, But son? What is a Suh-Lad?"
"Mr. Crabs! its the green thing!"
"Eye-Eye Captian Square pants!, But son? it's pronounced Sah-LAD, not Suh-Lad!"
"Mr. Crabs! that's what I said"
"Eye-Eye Captian Square pants!, But son? No you didnt!"
"Mr. Crabs! I did to!"
"Eye-Eye Captian Square pants!, But son? O.K.!"
by Ette-Locin April 17, 2009

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