A smaller suburb of Houston Texas which is inhabited by many asian people and preps. If it is possible for you to avoid this place, please do.
"Where do you live?"
"(said sadly) Sugar Land.."
"Ah man.. I'm sorry."
by Kristen and Mozelle July 05, 2005
Sugar Land-- probably one of the greatest suburbs ever!! So what if we wake up and pick out an aqua colored lacoste polo, some 511 skinny's, put our beautiful feet in brown leather sperry's and tuck our Louis Vuitton wallet and iPhone into our pockets?! Our parents work hard for us to have the chance to live in 750,000 dollar houses in Shiloh. And i personally enjoy driving my metallic BMW to my school (Strake Jesuit baby!!) And yes, my nanny/maid/cook/au pair is NOT english, she's ITALIAN!! But who cares... and if you're jealous too bad!
"So my old gucci wallet tore from the top!"

"Ohh crap-- how much was it?"

"Hmm.. like 400-- but my parents bought me a LV one instead.. it was only 600!"

"Ahh.. thank god we live in Sugar Land and can afford that!"
by popthecollar---strake March 31, 2009
Sugarland - Diarrhea that comes out of your anus that resembles a country band. Also known as shit.
I was on my way to pick-up Jason Aldeans new cd so I could listen to the best song ever, Country Boys World, when I realized I had to shit. So I went into the bathroom at Mcdonalds. After I was done, I scooped my sugarland out of the toilet and proceeded to write "Bob Was Here". Afterwards the sugarland was stuck like glue to my hands an required a lot of work to get it out of my mind.

Judas priest buddy take it easy I just took a sugarland!
by Amish Bob November 08, 2010

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