one who indulges in sexual activity with a krispy kreme donut...sugar dick
" i walked in my dorm room one day to find my roommate fucking a donut...immeadiately i responded "sugar dick motherfucker!"..."
by jtspeedyeatery September 17, 2006
Top Definition
used in place of dude,bro,man etc.
Person1: Hey, sugar dick
Person 2: whats up sugar dick
by CarlwithaK October 21, 2009
A man (typical from The South) who wears pastel shorts.
Did you see that guy rocking those pink shorts?

Oh yeah, he's from North Carolina, sugar dicks are common there.
by The Real Dr Dre April 21, 2011
The nickname given to someone who's girlfriend constantly calls him "honey" in front of his friends and co-workers
"Yeah honey, you should definately apply for the substitute teaching job" says the girlfriend "yeah sugardick, you should go for it" says the colleague.
by Jennmsu03 March 08, 2007
(n) - someone who enjoys sucking penis.
Bob: "Did you here rick isn't at school today?"
Tom: "Yeah, I think he has a sore throat from sucking so much dick."
Bob: "Probably. What a sugardick."
by RickJamesBitch1 March 23, 2011
Another meaning for the inverse of a Sagar Baby, namely a stud that is bought and paid for by a Sugar Mama, in exchange for sex and companionship...
I see old Patsy has get herself another Sugar dick...
by Canitt March 09, 2011
Blowing it with a girl. Especially appropriate after much success.
"I was doing great until I had to open my mouth and sugar dick it."

"Dude, you're sugar dicking it"
by thinkingofyou22 November 30, 2009

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