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A small town, the proverbial wide spot in the road, is located in South Carolina off of I-85 on Highway 101, just south of Greer at Highway 296. Sugar Tit has a dirt racetrack (Sugar Tit Speedway) and a fishing lake with a restaurant (Joe's Lake - been in business since the 1950s). Sugar Tit used to have a General Store but it has been torn down. (I think they had to make room for a traffic light after the owner died and the BMW plant was built.)
Sugar Tit, SC got its name because the cows there used to give the sweetest milk in the South.
#rural south carolina #dirt racetracks #fishing lakes #spartanburg #greer #greenville #highway 101 #bmw #towns with odd names #farm land #urban sprawl
by izzafartsmeller August 15, 2011
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