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Prefix: meaning Super Fucking. Such as Sufuawesome,Sufubad,Sufuwierd,Sufudumb, ect.
That new movie is sufubad.
by Slang Junkie October 23, 2009
3 13
An abreviation for Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Created by high school students from Sioux Falls.
A group of kids created a gang called the Sufu Cru.
by David Baker April 12, 2007
73 44
An acronym for "Show Up Fucked Up".

To SUFU is to arrive at destination hammered. This often involves the act of preeing.
People often SUFU for parties, school events, weddings, funerals, and sporting events.
Rachel: The school dance is going to be so lame

Taylor: Yeah only if you're sober, I'm going to SUFU it

Rachel: That would definitely make it so much better!
by oakridge underager January 05, 2010
41 15
Su Fu is what people sometimes refer to Sioux Falls, SD as.
"I'm heading to Su Fu for a concert this weekend."
by Dianeb April 08, 2008
9 4
an abbreviation of "super-futile". pronounced "sue-foo"
used to refer to situations that are either not worth continuing to dedicate energy, time or resources towards, or when you're just fucking fed up.

can be used in the event of something happening to you that you have no control over, and that is completely screwing you over.
So, did you convince your boyfriend to stop acting like a bro? Not even, it's su-fu.
by lilmissmaneater March 21, 2011
0 0
show up fucked up. more discreet incarnation of BYOB
They don't serve liquor at that party, so it's SUFU.
by LeChatzNoir September 07, 2009
9 12
Shut Ur Face Up - Sufu
-Margie- says:
smokin is bad 4 ya
maK! says:
sufu, u smoke...
by Maciek "maK11" Szapowalow February 16, 2008
5 29