a winner. a girl who listens to hard rap and also hard classical music, is not a dog, and likes lil wayne/eminem so much that she manages to inject it into every conversation. Also has a chinchilla.
Person 1: Hey sudarsna!
Sudarsna: Hey, guess what I was listening to....(automatically becomes a winner)
Person 1: Wow, you must like that shit.
Sudarsna: Yeah I love it. Now off to ballet class.
by ColdasIce99 August 07, 2011
Top Definition
a fucking crazy ass bitch who is not afraid of anything. Her friends all love her. She can act drunk or high at any moment. She laughs like a fucking hyena on snozzberries. If you see this girl, go up to her. She is super friendly as well. her favorite words are ballet, "lets get down to buisiness to defeat the huns" , and "brouhaha"
Oi! Did you just see Sudarsna? She is laughing her ass off man! All because I said "Euglena"! she started to sit on the floor! she is good at acting high, right?
by gurglegoo May 28, 2011
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