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when you get suckered into doing something for someone else and get fucked in the process.
"Dude, I got suckerfucked by sean."
by Tai Dozier January 04, 2012
To perform a service, or help someone & unexpectedly getting screwed in the process. Often times when you hear someone say "You give them an inch & they will take a mile" - this is referring to someone who got suckerfucked. There is no sure way to prevent a suckerfucking, as they usually come without warning, however it is a good idea to stay away from habitual suckerfuckers as they are known to continually suckerfuck unsuspecting victims.
worker - "This customer just tripled his order at the last minute and then bitched me out to my boss for not having speedy delivery"
co worker - "Dude you got suckerfucked"

Denice - "Hey Timothy want to come over to my new house for dinner?"
Timothy- "Sure"
Timothy arrives to Denice's house only to find out he got suckerfucked into helping her unpack all of her things.
by Balake AA Ron September 28, 2013
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