A girl who drinks too much and then spends the rest of the night making unwanted advances, slurring, insulting, shouting, arguing or telling you how much she loves everyone and that their life would not be complete without them. Generally annoying.
"Quick hide, lock the doors, I can hear Suckers comming"

"That Suckers had another shocker of a night"

"Don't let that Suckers have anything else to drink unless you want her to try and ride you"
by Big Fro Black Man November 30, 2003
a lady or gay guy who needs money so he or she sucks for a living.
you are a sucker phillip. Phillip is a sucker
by micheal jordan March 23, 2005
A public house.
A bar.
Quick! Get ya skates on! It's nearly closing time! The sucker will be shut in a minute!
by toastface July 29, 2005
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