person who screws up during practice
Deshea you sucker
T-Mac you sucker
Teddy you sucker
Rooney you sucker
by C.B. West October 05, 2009
Someone who made a promise to join a football game and cancelled unexpectedly for a lame reason.
Example 1:
Eugen: Guys, I cannot make it to the football game on Saturday. I got some other big plans.
Guys: You sucker!

Example 2:
Iulian: Guys, I overslept and cannot make it to the football game today.
Guys: You sucker!
by Vlad Tepes Dracul October 10, 2009
Someonewho can be eaily convinced to do something or give something up that is not really in their best interest.
"Dude, I spanged $74 off those suckers at the Flogging Molly show and didn't even go in. Let's go buy beer. I love suckers."
by Nema April 14, 2006
A piece of candy on a stick. Can refer to girls giving a blowjob ^_^
Damn I need some suckers right now! George says "Well here are some lollipops" I said "Damnit George I mean bitches you half fuck!"
by The Dalai Llama September 24, 2003
a lollipop
"I could really use a sucker right about now"
by julie March 27, 2003
someone who sucks
"u suck man!" "theyre such a bunch of suckers" "bath sucks" "that thing sucks"
"its a good sucker"
by soma January 25, 2003
A girl who drinks too much and then spends the rest of the night making unwanted advances, slurring, insulting, shouting, arguing or telling you how much she loves everyone and that their life would not be complete without them. Generally annoying.
"Quick hide, lock the doors, I can hear Suckers comming"

"That Suckers had another shocker of a night"

"Don't let that Suckers have anything else to drink unless you want her to try and ride you"
by Big Fro Black Man November 30, 2003

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