A Ukrainiun name that sounds Russian.
"Ahh look it's Mr Suchoruczka"
"Is he Russian?"
"No, he is Ukrainiun"
by Guess who this is December 13, 2009
-god like
-In many way 'Suchoruczka' is a positive descriptive word. It is foretold in many legions and folk stories someone who is luck enough to meet a 'Suchoruczka' will be blessed with great fortune and eternal happiness as long as the Suchoruczka is in their life.
-Also used to describe a good looking man
-You're looking very Suchoruczka today
-I'm so glad i know a Suchoruczka
-Wow! When i grew up i want to be a Suchoruczka!
by Dr Acheson May 08, 2011

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