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An amalgamation of the words Success and Sex. Its the sex that you get after you succed in some activity. The oposite of Pity Sex.
The USA soccer team will be getting their Pity sex but Brazilians will be getting their succsex
by sullivangdl June 28, 2009
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achieving success via sexual encounter, reguardless of personal volunteer, nature, or wanted exclusive behavior.
Matt: (worried)So I totally got the reach around from Bobby last night...
Jess: Sounds like you've achieved the other side of succsex!
by JLEW22 March 27, 2007
Achieving something great through the power of seduction.
I only had to take of my shirt and -- succsex! -- I got the lead role.

I wore my tight red dress out to the club and -- succsex! -- I went home with the hottest bartender.

One fool proof way to get a promotion at work is to show your boss your track record of succsex, I mean really show him.
by Soon To Be Promoted Assistant February 27, 2012

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