It's funny how most of these people love making fun of the suburbs, when half of them likely live there. Only crude stuck up white kids would write about these things, since most people in an urban landscape don't really give a shit.
"White kids all think they are individuals, when really, they are all alike."

"They must be a suburbanite."
by WhiteGuy November 23, 2005
A person that lives in an area that is void of any culture. A suburbanite frequents strip malls and goes to Home Depot with the mindset that these are the only options they have and wonder why. Suburbanites live a life of apathty and allow things to happed around them and do nothing about it. They are content without having independant businesseses in their communities. Instead, they support Starbucks or WalMart companies that contribute nothing to their community that surburbanites pay taxes in. Suburbanites live in the land of make believe. Suburbanites learn everything about the outside world from the televlision.
If you hear someone say something ignorant, racist or sexist, justs ay "go back to surburbia" or "you're such a surburbanite".
by EvilivE August 11, 2004
A person who lives a fabulous life in the suburbs and refuses to live in the city is referred to as a suburbanite. A suburbanite lives a glamourous life in the burbs, not having to worry about being robbed at gun point, stabbed, shot or being approached by homeless people. Suburbanite refers to someone living the life of luxury in the perfect suburbs.
Olivia: "Oh, where are you from?"
LaQuisha the city slicker: "I'm from Toronto, you?"
Olivia: "Ohh, thats nice ... I'm a suburbanite"
LaQuisha the city slicker: "A what?"
Olivia: "Sub-ur-ban-ite. It means I'm living the life in the suburbs"
by suburbanite,duh March 02, 2013
Mindless consumers who live in engineered neighborhoods. Have no opinion on anything until popular culture and media tell them how to think. Have to define themselves with posessions, because they have no personalities from years of corporate brainwashing. Suffer from the delusion that everyone wants their life, when in fact they do not.(Sometimes even they don't, but their programmed minds would never let them admit it.) Mistake insults and pity towards them for jealousy and envy. Go through life with blinders, failing to see or comprehend anything that is not right in front of their eyes.
Their infectious ignorance and baseless arrogance are the reasons other countries hate the U.S. so much.

Also see lemming.
The saddest part is suburbanites think the thoughts in their head are their own.
by stickfigure March 02, 2005
a fat lazy person who sits on the sofa watching American Idol, Survivor or some other shitty plot-less TV show and decides when seeing a big juicy burger flashed on the TV that they must get their fat potato-chip-eating ass into their single-occupant SUV and drive the quarter of a mile to the nearest drive-thru to have a couple super-sized burgers with fries and 4 milkshakes.
those suburbanites are always at the drive-thru
by Ben Dover January 19, 2004
person who lives in the suburbs and is scared of the city; only goes to the city to work; usually middle class wasps
That suburbanite is fucking scared of the hood.
by Lo!s!er October 15, 2003
Well the definition depends on
(a) whether you see the city and its surrounding area as one unit, and small towns and rural areas as another, OR

(b) whether you see the city, the surrounding area, and the countryside as three separate entities.
(a) Someone who lives in a small city, small town, or a rural area. These type of suburbanites are hicks who shop at Walmart and have never been to a city.

(b) Mega-rich snobs who moved from the city to an area 1/2 hr away because they feel the noise and "smell" of the city is beneath them.
by Woodlawn September 30, 2004
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