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A Submissive Cock Sucker is a person, MOSTLY MALE but can include females who like to service hard cock with their mouth without receiving ANY type of sexual reciprocation or compensation from the stud getting his cock sucked. Submissive Cock Suckers prefer to allow the alpha male to do as he pleases when they are servicing him. Submissive Cock Suckers prefer to swallow the mans cum and ALWAYS thank the sperm donor. A TRULY "SUBMISSIVE COCK SUCKER" CAN AND WILL ALWAYS DEEP THROAT A COCK, LICK AND SUCK BALLS, RIM THE STUD AND BEG TO BE USED LIKE A $2.00 WHORE ON SATURDAY NIGHT.

Submissive Cock Suckers can easily be found on the internet and in adult video stores.
Brian is one Submissive Cock Sucker. He likes to service hard cock whenever possible and will ALWAYS swallow a mans cum, he NEVER forgets to thank the men who allow him to feast on their cum.

by Scott Walcott April 14, 2008
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