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Technology, usually electronic in nature, that is better suited to being on a sinking cold war era nuclear sub because it is not aesthetically pleasing, user unfriendly, unreliable, and in general a piece of crap. Now that the cold war has ended and the Commies have been soundly defeated, Submarine Equipment is most often found in the basements of universities, and strangely enough, at the hearts of multi-million dollar corporations controlling vital functions. Usually management shows a strange irresistible attraction to Submarine Equipment, especially when less expensive and far better consumer grade alternatives exist.
-Hey George, nice phone. You nick from Patrick Bateman after he beat some hooker to death with it?
-No Phil, this piece of Submarine Equipment is my new fucking cell phone. Thanks management! Want to go Safety Dancing and maybe do a quick line of coke?
by SasquatchPlatypus May 25, 2011
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