soo - fye : ( n s abbrev) Superfinger; The extending of the middle and ring fingers in a gesture of coolness, anger or revulsion.

Origin-- Modern English Su: Super; Fi: Finger
Used in a sentence: Dane Cook Su-Fied me! It was awesome!
by ASP84 November 14, 2007
Top Definition
**Supa Finga** (Super Finger)
rok on / fuk off

(funny ASS) comedian Dane Cook, upgraded the old boring middle finger and created the.....SUPA FINGA

(both the ring finger coupled with the middle finger)

his words....

The old (classic) finger says "screw you dumb person."

The SUPERFINGER screams one of two things depending on how you use it.

In "PISSED OFF MODE" it means:

YOU FUCKHOLE." It was close to that. I am paraphrasing.

Or, in "FEEL THE LOVE" mode it mean:

"I realize you are feeling my truth and my dedication. You're saying THANKS FOR JUST BRINGING IT HONEST and I return that vibe with the SU-FI. You can't fuck with the truth and I appreciate that you would indicate that to me with a flash of the SU-FI. Respect and accomplisment I wish for you."
I threw him a Supa-Finga as he walked to his shitbox of a car.
by double you tee eff? January 18, 2005
"Wool-clad ones," members of mystical sects of Islam, the earliest dating from 8th century Persia.
Sufism began as an ascetic movement in reaction to the drive for wealth and power characterized by the Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties. They drew on the model of Muhammad and the four rightly guided caliphs. Umar was noted for his shabby clothes and Ali gave away all he had. These ascetics abandoned sensuous life and took on coarse woolen garments from which the name Sufi may derive (from suf, wool). They were also called faqir, poor one, for their aspirations to poverty. Mahabbah (love) became a focus for Sufism as exemplified in the poetry of a female mystic poet. While others strove for intellectual knowledge, Sufis strove for interior knowledge, ma’rifa.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ May 31, 2010
Otherwise known as the Super Finger. The act up holding up the two inner fingers on your hand. Originally invented by comedian, Dane Cook. The SuFi is now widely used during road rage.

When a car passes into your lane without a blinker, you will say "Check out this mother fucker." And give him a SUFI Salute.
by Tarilyn Quinn September 16, 2005
When you are really pissed off at someone you would flip them the SuperFinger which consists of your middle and ring finger up, and thumb out. Made by Dane Cook

He didn't just give me the finger, it was the SuFi! like bam!!
by lTwizzYl September 06, 2006
A mystic on the path to Allah.
He who wishes to see Allah is a Sufi
by Adam January 02, 2005
a muslim hippie
that guy thinks he's islamic but he's just a sufi, he has good gear
by zztop February 12, 2010
A annoying maltese person. Generally really short and tries his best to seek attention. What makes him a "sufi" is the knowlege he has *cough* on gaming. Apart that Sufis are nice persons who are there when you need them *sarcasmmmmm*
PERSON A:Do you know Bob? Think hes a Sufi.

PERSON B:Well hes from malta and thinks hes a god so yeah hes most probably a Sufi.
by REALLY FFS?!?! October 15, 2015
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