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1. Not quite married anymore but not yet divorced= stupid town because, one way or another, someone (or both) is a fucking idiot.

2. A state of being in-between Married/dating and divorced/single.

3. A state of not-talking between friends shortly after a falling out, before the status is confirmed (usually either a fuckyoudouche or manIdidn'tmeanitlikethat). Similar to a dudevorce but doesn't only apply to guys and it isn't completed.

4. A point of uncertainty in a waning relationship.
A- Why is Jenny flirting with those guys?
B- Didn't you know Jenny is in stupid town? She dumped Greg a couple weeks ago but the papers haven't gone through yet.

I'd love to get on with my life and see other people, but I'm in stupid town and family/ex/mutual friends/lawyers would have my ass.

A- I heard you and (friend) got in a fight; does this mean you've got an extra ticket to the game this weekend?
B- Not sure yet, we're in stupid town at the moment.
by zakavellie May 12, 2009
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Stupid town is the imaginary place where one is at risk of getting in trouble. Most people think you have to go to stupid town to have fun, but this is entirely not true.

When one enters stupid town, they have made a poor decision and have entered the dark side. Stupid town consists of any of the following: drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.
Friend: hey, let's go smoke some weed
Me: no, i can't go to stupid town
Friend: k den
by Masta Chang July 28, 2013
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