Are Stupid Dumb Fucking Idiots.
Integras racing and running stop lights hitting people walking across the street and killing them are stupid dumb fucking idiots.

Any one caught driving a Honduh(a) with a fart can muffler, a thousand stickers and claiming to have 300whp are also stupid dumb fucking idiots.
Top Definition
People who enoy such shows as The Simple Life, The OC, Nanny 911, or Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy.
Because Lindsay watches the OC religiously, she is a stupid dumb fucking idiot.
by Floyd Masterson April 21, 2005
Hollie from Sylvania High.
She thought she could spam my email with porn by using my email to subscribe?! SDFI!
by RP January 31, 2005
Anth3m thought that by spending money on a new webserver and creating forums, people would respect him. What a stupid dumb fucking idiot.
by Chris Barnett August 07, 2003
Someone who obviously doesn't know the cardinal rule of car enthusiast forums... You swim with sharks, sooner or later you're going to be bitten, and once that first drop of blood spills, all of them will want a piece.
He posted his opinion. What did he expect was going to happen? What a stupid dumb fucking idiot.
by Jimmy "SuperFly" Snuka August 03, 2003
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