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1. Metaphorically, a social networking site(facebook/myspace/youtube), where stupid can be found frequently and with relative ease (in the same way that money can be found at a normal bank).

2. A True Gangsta's way of saying "Lot's of money!" Usually more emphasis is put on the S sound due to mounting excitement. {It is socially acceptable to burst out in laughter when this definition is used by someone who is the polar opposite of gangstasee: dweeb}
1. Our money banks may need bailouts, but our stupid banks will never be in danger.

2. Melvin: This is a nice yacht. Don't you think, Melvin?
Mervin: Yah, Mervin! Golly gee, I'm glad your father makes some stupid bank! Right DeAndre?
DeAndre: Why the F#*K am I on this Yacht?
by Icontrolthebrandonianempire April 25, 2011
A large sum of money.
I just landed a sweet gig. I'm makin' stupid bank!!!
by Mike48312 May 20, 2007

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