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Noun. (1) A back-stabbing cunt who plays games in an effort to intentionally make you look bad to someone of importance to you; i.e., your boss, friend, et cetera.
(2) A person who pulls stunts for the sake of causing trouble; most generally to make someone look bad and to make them look good for their own personal gain.
Jen: "Mindy was again talking trash about you in the building."

Audra: "What a Stunt Cunt! She so wants me fired."
by Victim 1029 September 30, 2006
A pornstar actresses beaver who fills in for the other pornstars inferior taco stand. This type of vagina usually attains longer beef curtains, looseness, and STD's then a regular snatch. It may also have strong odor of rotten eggs, or wet wipes..AKA the smelly kitty.
As i was watching HOT ASIAN SLUTS 6 i noticed that the director decided to use a stunt cunt instead of the usual vag. What a masterpiece.
by Phillp Herbrest January 10, 2007
A mistress, girlfriend, or one night hookup used to perfect sexual positions and moves
You better try that on a stunt cunt before you do it to your wife!
by brew14me July 31, 2009
A title given from one female friend to another when you ask them please your man in ways that you cannot.

Similar to the male version: stuntcock
Too bad that I don't care about discussing folk music with my boyfriend. It's time to bring in the stuntcunt!!!
by mmmcubed April 14, 2011
A highly offensive term for a female pilot who participates in the sport of aerobatics.
1. That stunt cunt fly! Look at how smooth and graceful she is!

2. I thought that aerobatic airplane was flown by a stunt cunt, because it is painted pink.
by Rook's Buddy May 12, 2010
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