A certain sex position involving a guy, 2 women, a bowl of clean fresh fruit, and an empty bottle. Possibly originated in Germany
"Hey, twin lesbian hookers! I think I'll go pick them up and we can try that new sex position i just heard about. The Stunned Jaguar!"
"Sounds great!"
"Get out of my car! It doesn't work with 2 men"
#sex #threesome #fruit #german #stunned
by Mayhem_XP_Omega_13 November 25, 2007
Top Definition
A certain sex position that involves 1 man, 2 women, a clean empty bottle and a bowl of freshly washed fruit
"Whao! Twin lesbian hookers! I think I'm gonna pick them up. Tonight's a good night to try the stunned Jaguar cause i just bought that bowl of freshly washed fruit and I haven't taken out the recycling yet!"
#stunned #jaguar #sex #position #fruit
by Nick the Theif November 02, 2007
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