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A Stunna for me is a Delectable Man who just so happens to have many a nice thing, some bling and fast import cars. He is hilarious but also sexy and serious.
My Stunna is forever stuntin, legally Or on the low. Nobody could be him and I think that for each girl only one Man could be her Stunna.
by CrazeeC September 23, 2006
31 83
A person who drives around town in nice cars, on dubz, showing off their ice and bling. Most of the time, this gets them many bitches and hoes which they then take back to their crib to bang up the ass.
I'm the numba one stunna up in this beeyatch, an' don't forget it ho!
by staff September 14, 2003
1175 358
a person who has a lot of meterial things such as cars cloths jewlery etc.and loves to show them off and has no problem spending lots of money at any given time on anygiving thing
baby claims to be the number 1 stunna cause he has the most bling bling

im in vip with all the stunnas

pall wall was looking like a stunna with all that ice in his mouth
by rmecca November 30, 2005
621 223
A term used in the Bay Area, California. Big glasses, usually really cheap found at the flea market. A must wear when it's time to get HYPHY.
I might rock stunnas without the lenses
by mookie March 06, 2005
316 76
Someone who is always fly with gear, cars, jewelry.
Listen to Baby's #1 song.
by kay February 14, 2005
400 194
Stunnas- is big glasses, crazy lookin glasses, eye wear that blocks the sun.

Stuntin- when you rockin your stunna shades
I got my stunnas on feel me

Bitch im stuntin
by Jaccie-O June 21, 2006
145 37
this word has been misled in many ways.
stunna usually does mean a person who shows off their material things. But stunna's usually got game.

She's a stunna!!!!!
;refering to the female as sexy and knowing it.
He's a stunna!!!
;refering to the male as a playa with mad looks and mad game.
Friend1:Yo did you check out Carly the other night?
Friend 2: Nah man I didn't get to see her.
Friend1: Haha, you missed out shawty was a stunna.
Friend2: Nawww!!!!!!!
by Nai Dayy September 09, 2010
70 46
a person with lots of money and likes to show off their expensive things. usually has no personality. also known as a douche.
I'm the #1 stunna! I'm actually very insecure and act like hot garbage!
by stunning March 01, 2009
107 103