1. One who portrays characteristics of what would make you want to shout out "STUMP"

2. a term used to describe anything and everything, as long as it sounds right.
1. "Man, that was some stumpkin!!! Great job!" or "Man, that was stumpkin, just plain booty..."

2. A person, rather large in size or even just wobbly and funny looking, is skipping down the road and all of a sudden trips and falls..youre instincts propel you to scream "AHAAA what a STUMPKIN!!"
by Meredith and Rebecca November 22, 2003
Top Definition
1. Similar to the conventional Blumpkin, in that one receives oral pleasure whilst defecating, but one is seated on a stump instead of the usual toilet

2. When one's partner attempts to sexually pleasure an amputated limb.
1. Now that we're in the Redwood forest, it's the perfect time for a Stumpkin Jazzmun! I gotta go bad!

2. Losing the leg was tragic, but the stumpkins almost make up for it
by JeffMagnumStainMyMontaintop August 17, 2010
When one is taking an extremely hard test/final while receiving head.
John: Dude that exam was so hard!
Broseph: Bro, I know. At least I was kind of happy because Ms. Tits was giving me a stumpkin.
John: Bro. Respect.
by Blumpkin Lord May 10, 2011
Much like the blumpkin where you receive head while taking a shit, the stumpkin is when you receive head while studying.
Nigga, if i had a stumpkin right now, i could ace this final.
by Stumpkin Jon December 09, 2009
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