Often called "Stumpy," especially by girls referring to men with small penises. Sometimes a racist slur by blacks to non-Blacks, or by Blacks or Whites to Asians.
She dumped him because he was a stumpdick in the sack.
by Joel D. Parker September 27, 2006
Top Definition
When a mans penis is wider then it is long, giving the appearance of a stump.
"Wow that Simon Crocker sure has a stump dick."

"Yea its so small he cant even get a grip on it"
by MUFFINz_TEH_hot July 10, 2008
1.)A guy who talks big but never does anything.

2.)That guy you know who made a name for himself but really has nothing worth boasting about.

3.)A strong guy who cannot satisfy his girlfriend(s).
1.)John is really intimidating but then again he has no balls to do anything he threatens to do. What a stump dick.

2.)Herman is such a stump dick; he acts all high and mighty but he has no game.
by Iron M. February 17, 2009
When a person has lost most of their penis. The skin will grow back forming a stump.
" Brandon lost his penis in an accident. Now he has a stump dick. "
by The Lunch Table June 23, 2016
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