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When you either have intercourse with the stump of a tree. Or when you decapitate someone and have intercourse with their bloody stump.
"i've just stump fucked that old lady"
"Golly gosh thats an attractive looking willow, i wanna stump fuck it"
"not now Hunny, i'm stump fucking, i'll fuck you later"
by Lance Hardwood February 02, 2008
Having any form of sex with an amputee. This can involve, but is not limited to:
Vaginal-penile intercourse with a woman no legs.
Inserting your handless stump into some ho's cooch.
Two multiple amputees atempting to have sex (otherwise known as log-rolling)
Yo guys, what would be worse, stump fucking a bitch with no arms, or no legs?
by zeppelinboy September 01, 2005
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