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Severe constipation and the noises that come with it. Oftentimes, the straining makes one sound like a stump grinder.
Man, Louis was definitely stump grinding yesterday. He was in the can for an hour and I could hear him all the way down the hall.
by RafneyJmike November 14, 2011
Having sex with a man with a small penis, usually as the only alternative to a night alone.
Joan was happy to leave the club with John, but when they got to his place and disrobed, she decided that a night of stump grinding was better than going home.
by Srini January 03, 2008
vigorous bumping and grinding of at least two vaginas
i bet those chicks just got done stumpgrinding
by pepperonipony July 21, 2010
1) When a girl is grinding on a guy with man parts that are short and fat. see chode

2) An action that is performed by a lawn maintenance specialist.
1) did you hear about Amy? i heard she went Stump Grinding last night!

2) My trees all died and i had to cut them down. i'm going to call that Stump Grinding company now.
by Awesomanda November 08, 2011