When one person carefully picks his/her nose and selectively puts the findings in another's mouth.
Christi gave Nathaniel a stuffed mushroom.
by Skippy V. November 22, 2011
Top Definition
Taking your mega-huge raging boner and stuffing it under your elastic shorts band or belt area of your pants to keep it from sticking out.

Saves from embarrassment as well as keeps your woody from knocking items such as drinks off of table tops. Also prevents potential injury.

(Inspired by Superbad, also a vital component of surviving junior high)
Did you see what Jessica was wearing today? I had to stuff mushroom it through my entire presentation!

Good thing I pulled a stuffed mushroom otherwise the elevator would have smashed my cack!

I had a stuffed mushroom during gym class today, I don't know how I managed to run that mile!
by J Westeezy July 06, 2008
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