He is the most handsome womanizer of the 21st century. Upon first glance, something as small as a wink of the eye has made women fall on the floor orgasm-ing for hours(legend has it even days). His gorgeous face always rocks a George Clooney-esque
5 o'clock shadow, which further drives women wild. His abdominal muscles are said to be harder than diamond and even has bullet resistance similar to kevlar. He once pleasured 6 women at once although he only used 5 fingers. If one is to have any hope of getting laid, they must keep studly away from the premises at all times because he is literally irresistible to women. No woman has ever been documented to have rejected Studly. His penis and face were handcrafted by the lord God himself.
(man speaking example)
I was spitting mad game and thought i was getting some dome tonight... then Studly Mc Stud Stud walked in and cock blocked me. He wound up having a 3 some.

(woman speaking example)
My husband got real fat so whenever we have sex i imagine Studly Mc Stud Stud in my head. I can't last longer than 3 mintues, Studly Mc Stud Stud saved my sex life!
by Juicy Gills February 15, 2009
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