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A homosexual predator. Notorious for utterly reprehensible acts including (but not limited to):
- abducting small boys and forcing them to defecate and consume own fecal matter
- collecting sperm of transvestite prostitutes in mason jar and hurling said jar into elementary school window at lunchtime
- storing severed fingers inside their anus for months at a time and feeding them to homeless people in sandwich form
- shaving male pubic hair and gluing to own face in the form of a handlebar mustache
Don't you know I'm stuDiesel bitch?
by killa ja May 08, 2005
someone that every girl wants to have and every guy wants to be; it can be used as an adjective or noun
Mike Pruchniewski is studiesel. or Hey look at that studiesel over there.
by playa April 22, 2005