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The place for GCSE, A Level and University students to discuss matters pertaining to student life, university and career options. - the site for students, managed by students!

- Want to be a Doctor? Lawyer? Teacher? Something else?
- We can provide essential career advice – as we have a wide connection with various professionals and undergraduates.
- Coming soon: LIVE Interview With a “MEDICAL” Student.

- In the future, we hope to interview many students studying different courses such as Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy and many more!
- We also aim to hold live online interviews with professionals and graduates (this includes real doctors, dentists and so on...).

- We’re offering expert support for various subjects - including Science, English and so on.
- You may also help each other.
- We’re presenting an ideal opportunity and unique hotspot for students to gain help, FOR FREE, when they’re not in school and seem to be struggling for help.

- Student Crèche caters for the many interests that students have.
- We have not limited the site to just “subject support”, although you are free to simply use it for this purpose if u wish.
- We have a “Play Area” - with several hundred games - and we host regular tournaments featuring many cool prizes.

- Furthermore, students can talk with each other and discuss topics related to certain sports such as: Boxing, Cricket, Football, Films, Health, Relationships, Technology...
- Basically, you can talk about anything and everything!
by InnocentBeauty March 11, 2011
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